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Next Plan
Future activities

Employment creation

■ Sales of local special products
  As a first step in creating employment, we are considering selling local specialties in Japan. In addition, along with product sales, local vocational training will be provided as necessary.

■ Creation of local employment opportunities

Considering creating a business to obtain new employment opportunities locally


International Exchange

■ Implementation of lectures / online exchange meetings in Japan
  In Japan, we will hold lectures to convey the current situation of Tanzania and exchange meetings online with the locals.
* Please contact us if you wish.

■ Visit to the site * As soon as the situation in Corona has settled down

Visit the site, interact with the locals, and conduct a survey of the current situation.

Nature Conservation

■ Wildlife protection
Through education and international exchange, we will help them to become aware of the importance of animals and nature in their own country and reduce poaching.

■ Tree planting

Strive to protect the natural environment by continuously planting trees



■ Textbook support for elementary schools around NyamburiWe would like to provide textbook support to 12 elementary schools around Nyamburi Elementary School with by 2022. At the moment, support funds have been collected for 3 schools (in blue) and 5 schools (in red) and we are proceeding with next level. The remaining 5 schools have about 6,000 books demands.

* The numbers below are for students and textbooks as of December 2020. The number of children has continued to grow since then, so additional assistance may be needed.


■ Preparation for the creation of diverse educational opportunities
  To give Tanzanian children more diverse educational opportunities, both domestically and internationally Considering partners for exchange study abroad and exchange training

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