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​Latest article -2021- 


Panel discussion with female entrepreneurs active in Tanzania


A panel discussion was held with Ms. Machii, Director of NPO Afrimedico, Ms. Tsunoda, Director of NPO Be&Co Japan, and Ms. Tanaka, Chirperson of TOFA. We talked about the activities and thoughts of each group.

Ms. Tsunoda was participating from Tanzania on that day she talked about current situation of Tanzania.

​The steps taken by each organization may be small, but we will continue to make efforts to create a better environment for both Tanzania and Japan!

Online exchange meeting with Hanamaru Study Group


We held an online exchange meeting with children who attend the Hanamaru Study Group. More than 100 children and their parents from elementary school to high school participated.

After introducing Tanzania, we told a story about the daily life of an elementary school student in Tanzania. Actually, this story contains mistakes, and it is a quiz to find them.

The children were looking for mistakes while listening seriously. And there were many children who answered all the questions correctly.

At the end, everyone danced and sang the Swahili song 'Jambo Bwana' It was impressive that the parents sang more happily than the children.

​TOFA holds lectures and networking events for various organizations. If you are interested, please contact us!

Accepted for LUSH Grant Program!​


It has been decided to adopt the subsidy program handled by LUSH, a handmade cosmetics brand headquartered in the UK!

With this subsidy, it is expected that we will be able to send textbooks to three new elementary schools (1693 students from Corelli Elementary School, Gwikongo Elementary School, and Matale Elementary School). ​

The subsidy program is funded by the LUSH sales of four charity pot products (hand and body lotion, etc.), and the full amount of sales, excluding consumption tax, is used to protect the natural environment, protect animal rights, and human rights. It will be donated and subsidized to grassroots organizations that work on advocacy, humanitarian aid and reconstruction assistance.

Classroom repairs at Nyamburi Elementary School damaged by heavy rain have been completed!


The roof of the school building, which had been damaged by trees that were knocked down heavy rains in April, has recently been repaired.

It was a situation where classes were not possible for a while, but now the children can take classes again.

Regarding the damage in Nyamburi Village this time, the voices of the locals were sent directly to us without going through the media.

We want someone to know, but we can't reach it, we can't deliver it. We would like to hear such voices firmly in the future.

​ [Appreciation] Next Goal achieved!


Thank you for all your support in crowdfunding to deliver 2000 textbooks to three elementary schools in rural Tanzania.

Finally, we have reached our next goal and have delivered 2,500 textbooks to four elementary schools! !

And this textbook will surely open up the future for thousands and even tens of thousands of children.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff.

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