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Our Team


Chihiro Tanaka


I shared my vision with Tanzanian Paul who has 15 years friendship and started activities at the individual level. I witnessed how the Japanese people who participated as well as the local people became energetic, and I was convinced that this activity would contribute to the future of the earth and the happiness of people, and established an NPO. We are spreading this activity not only in Japan and Tanzania but also to the world.


Narumi Ozaki

Vice Chairperson

My first landing on the African Continent was visits Nyanburi village. I was so impressed by the magnificent nature, wild animals where life and death intersect, and children full of joy to learn. I am so glateful to expand each other's Give & Take activities. I am very convinced that we can expand the positive harmony through small heart-to-heart exchanges  as a founding members of NGO TOFA. 


Megumi Yoshioka


Since the philosophy and activities of TOFA are in line with my own philosophy of "realizing a society where I can live in my own way," I participated as a founding member of TOFA. He has been visiting Tanzania every year since his first visit to Tanzania in 2017, and has participated in support activities from the beginning.

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