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Activity History

​2022 Initiatives

<Educational support>
This fiscal year, we will continue to provide educational support to 13 schools in the Serengeti district of Mara State.

■ Textbook support

 In addition to the three schools (Nyamburi, Mbilikiri, and Tamkeri) that have been supported so far, textbook support has been completed for an additional five schools (Bisarala, Masebe, Gwikongo, Kolleri, and Matale) this year.
​ 5 schools left, about 6,000 books.


Repairing classrooms/roofing of kindergarten school building

 The funds collected through crowdfunding by members of DENSO's social contribution group, Heartful Friends, were used to repair the floors of classrooms at Masebe Elementary School and install the roof of Nyamburi Kindergarten.


Donation of pen notes

 We donated pens and notebooks to 7 elementary schools that have supported textbooks in the past. Considering that pens and notebooks are consumables and the number of elementary school children is increasing year by year, it seems necessary to continue this activity.

<International exchange
with local childrenWhile continuing exchanges, this year we also took on the challenge of creating relationships with events and other organizations in Japan, and using online exchanges..

■First visit to an elementary school other than Nyamburi Elementary School!

 In addition to Nyamburi Elementary School, I visited 6 elementary schools to which textbooks were delivered for the first time (some elementary schools delivered textbooks directly). All the schools welcomed us with great enthusiasm, and some children performed songs and plays. Also, I was able to see the situation of the secondary school for the first time.

Secondary School.png

■ An online exchange meeting with Masebe Elementary School!

 We held an online exchange meeting between Masebe Elementary School and Japan. Although the local network has not yet been established, we were able to connect video and audio for about 10 minutes. The local parents were very happy and said, "Today is a historic day!"

■ Booth exhibition at DENSO MURAN 2022!

We exhibited a booth with heartful members at DENSO MURAN 2022. On the day of the event, we prepared a device that allows you to experience the local situation in Tanzania with a sense of presence, such as a 300-degree video broadcast in a giant bamboo dome and a 360-degree video using VR goggles. Many people experienced it, and we received many happy impressions such as "It was fun", "It was powerful", "I felt like I was there", and "I wanted to go there".

​The participants also enjoyed the African map puzzles and the African handicrafts.

■ Multiple visits to the Tanzanian Embassy in Japan

We visited the Tanzanian Embassy in Japan several times to receive reports on our activities and advice on future activities. The people at the embassy also sympathized with our activities, and we have been able to cooperate with our future activities. First of all, we are planning to come to TOFA's first real event to be held in February 2011.


​Efforts before 2021

<Education >
When we visited Nyamburi elementary school at the first time in 2017, there were around 1,000 students, 10 teachers, 0 textbooks, bare soil floor, many damaged desks and chairs. It was not an environment where children can learn safely and securely. From there, our educational support activities began.

■ Textbook donation

As a first step, we plan textbook support to 12 schools around Nyamburi Elementary School. 

By the end of 2021,

・ Completion of support for Nyamburi Elementary School

・ We are preparing support 2,500 books at 4 schools, Bisalala / Mubilikili / Tamkeli / Masebe.


■ Classroom repair / Kindergarten school building roof installation

The eight classrooms floor of Nyamburi Elementary Schools were repaired in 2018. We also supported installation of Nyamburi kindergarten, which was under construction due to the mandatory kindergarten.

​Also parents made their own desks and chairs in the classroom!

Program: プログラム





[Kindergarten school building under construction]


[Children happy to complete the school building]


■ Other support

From 2017 to 2020, we donated notebooks (900 books), pens (2000 books), soccer balls, and volleyball. The children were happy to receive the pen.

<International exchange >
In 2017, we visited the Nyamburi elementary school at the first time. It was the first time for local people to see foreigners, not just Japanese. As a result, some children started crying when we approached. We started interacting from there, and now when we visit elementary school, we are greeted with "Welcome Back!"

■ Interaction with elementary school children

There were various exchanges in the field, such as a soccer game with the children of Nyamburi Elementary School (the Japanese team lost rags ...) and an elementary school student from Japan showing off a piece.

■ Exchange with Nyamburi village people

In February 2020, we stayed at Nyamburi Village and experienced interaction with the villagers and local meals.

[Local meal (simmered banana and potato)]

[Nyamburi Village]


■ Site visit

In order to understand the local education, medical care, and industrial conditions, we went to each site and exchanged opinions with the village mayor, hospital doctors, coffee planters, and so on.

[Coffee roasting]


[Hospital lacks medicine]

■ Activities in Japan

We hold lectures for companies and schools to tell them about the state of Tanzania and our activities.

<Nature Conservation >
At the time of my visit in February 2020, we planted saplings of trees that feed small birds with the village headman (50 trees) in Nyamburi Village. *Due to the heavy rain, the planted trees were washed away unfortunately.

[Tree planting with the village mayor]


[Tree that fell from the roots due to heavy rain]

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