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Our change

■ Changes in children at Nyamburi Elementary School

When we first visited in 2017, Nyanburi villagers met first time to foreigners. Some children were scared and started crying. However, when the villagers saw Paul (a Tanzanian local member of TOFA) who was born and raised in Nyamburi village as same as them, was working proudly for foreigners, villagers came into contact with foreigners they had never known before. And they were able to feel that if they study themselves, they will be able to open up more possibilities.

In fact, after that, the children of Nyanburi Elementary School worked hard and received a commendation from the national government for achieving the top grade in the country for the second consecutive year and also they got donation building materials for the establishment of a new school building.

[New school building constructed with donated materials]
It's colored and cute


[Ladies washrooms are also available]
Washrooms that used to be shared. The long-awaited women's toilet!


■ Changes in adults in Nyamburi village

Prior to our visit, parents were less interested in educating their children. Rather, they did not want children to go to school. They are  because children support family living and girls missed their marriage if girls have too much education. However, the awareness of education is increasing as parents see Paul and see children happily attending school every day. As a result, they have become actively involved in improving the educational environment for children, such as hand-crafting desks and chairs used by children and repairing school buildings.

[Parents gathering at school]
There are movements to voluntarily improve the educational environment, such as bringing in materials for school building construction and building teachers' buildings.


[Building for teachers under construction]
Parents are building a building for the teacher with their own hands
* Trying to improve the problem that the living environment is not well prepared and teachers are not established.


■ Changes in people visiting from Japan

The Japanese children who have visited the village so far were gained a new perspective that have never been seen before, through the magnificent nature of Tanzania, the activities of wild animals that have been repeated since ancient times, and the appearance of Tanzanian children who live steadily even if they are not blessed. Through them, despite the short period of about 10 days, it was an opportunity to grow quite strongly.

Adults are also freed from everyday entanglements and various restrictions, and by experiencing being themselves, they are surprisingly healthy both physically and mentally.

[Welcome dance]
Dance together However, I can't get the rhythm as well as the locals ...

[Local life experience]
I was shown the inside of an old-fashioned house


■ Changes in (Japanese) children who participated in the lecture

A country that knew the situation of a country that it had never known before and thought that it was lagging behind Japan is actually making more advanced efforts than Japan in some areas (environmental protection activities, etc.), through knowing these things, Japanese children are grateful for around our environments and motivated to know the wider world.

[Plastic bags are totally prohibited]
From 2019, plastic bags are completely prohibited from being used or brought in. All in Tanzania was changed to non-woven fabric back


[Movements to prevent deforestation]
Old-fashioned homes lead to logging, so there is a move to build blocks and build homes with them.

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