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Participated in DENSO MURAN 2022


We exhibited a booth with heartful members at DENSO MURAN 2022. On the day of the event, we prepared a device that allows you to experience the local situation in Tanzania with a sense of presence, such as a 300-degree video broadcast in a giant bamboo dome and a 360-degree video using VR goggles. Many people experienced it, and we received many happy impressions such as "It was fun", "It was powerful", "I felt like I was there", and "I wanted to go there".

​The participants also enjoyed the African map puzzles and the African handicrafts.

The staff put on a great effort wearing costumes made from Tanzanian fabrics!

​Thank you for coming!

Visited Masebe Elementary School


From August 5th, a total of 12 people visited Tanzania. This time, we visited Masebe Elementary School, where we had donated textbooks and repaired the classroom floors. When Mr. Tanaka, the chairman of the board, asked, "Do you have a dream?" Also, when I asked them about their dreams one after another, such as "Who wants to be a doctor?" or "Who wants to be a pilot?" It made me very happy to hear that you have big dreams and hopes for the future!

I made a second visit to the Tanzanian Embassy
Tanzania Embassy.jpg


​I visited the Tanzanian Embassy to report on my visit to Tanzania in March. I explained how the children in the area were doing and what kind of changes had occurred. They were very interested in the content, and we received reassuring words that they would continue to cooperate in various ways in the future.

We were featured in the media in Tanzania!


Chirperson Chihiro Tanaka and Vice Chirperson Narumi Ozaki have been to Tanzania since mid-March to visit the elementary schools that support the textbooks and the elementary schools that have supported them so far. This time, the media of Tanzania took up the situation.

Most of them are in Swahili, but the representative Tanaka's speech is in English from 1'20. Please have a look!


[Summary of Tanaka's speech]

Please do your best to study! Have a nice dream!

If you study hard, you can become what you want to be.

For example, I'm a woman and I was studying in Japan, which is very far from here. However, because I studied hard, I was able to come here to meet everyone and see the beautiful nature here.

You can do it (make your dreams come true).

Remember that if you keep studying hard, you will be able to realize your dreams!

​We held an online exchange meeting with Masebe Elementary School


We connected Masebe Elementary School and Japan online and had an exchange party.

The smiles and words of the students, the principal, and the representatives of the parents reached Japan directly, and the questions were asked from Japan.

"It's a historic day!" Their warmness words were given to a happy event.

Site visit of Japanese staff!

2022-March-18 ~ 2022-April-04

Chirperson Chihiro Tanaka and Vice Chirperson Narumi Ozaki visited Tanzania. It has been about a year since the last time.

This time, we visited five elementary schools (Nyamburi, Masebe, Bisarala, Mbilikiri, and Tamukeri) that we have supported so far, and interacted with children, teachers, and local people. Also, using funds from Lush's charity, we were able to deliver textbooks to two elementary schools in Gwikongo and Corelli. The children, teachers, and locals gave us a warm welcome, and various performances and speeches were held.

We have also interviewed the current issues at each elementary school and secondary school (schools that children attend from elementary school graduation to before entering university). Based on these, we will further expand our activities in the future.

​We have reported the details of my visit to Tanzania here. Please take a look!

Visiting Tanzanian Embassy
274566740_2256019054537815_6398259336544266666_n (1).jpg


Although it was difficult to coordinate due to the corona crisis, we had the opportunity to have salutation the Minister Plenipotentiary and the Political and Cultural Affairs Officer at the Tanzanian Embassy. 


We explained our activities so far and future plans, and exchanged opinions. We were able to get a lot of valuable advice for the future. We also heard that they want Japanese people to know more about Tanzania.


Let's continue to work hard so that we can become a bridge between Japan and Tanzania!

​Delivered textbooks to Masebe & Bisalala
272509011_1541097076257125_8673625562141233338_n (1)_edited.jpg


With last year's crowdfunding support, we were able to deliver textbooks to elementary schools in Masebe and Bisalala.

In addition to the corona disaster, there were a large number of textbooks, and it was necessary to order them from urban areas, so the delivery was considerably delayed from our plan.
When students saw the textbooks for the first time, they were hesitant to open the box, but when they picked up the textbooks, they showed a genuinely happy smile.

​Study a lot from now on!

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