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TOFA contributes to people’s affluence and happiness in long term and from a global perspective by connecting people between who are deprived of education and employment opportunities in developing countries also, for those seeking spiritual affluence and individual value-creating opportunities in developed countries.

​What's New

​Latest information

​ Donated by Attiva Co., Ltd.

​Attiva Co., Ltd., which develops the living fermented food business, donated part of their event revenue.

The company continues to donate a portion of the proceeds from its own events to organizations that contribute to society.

We will definitely deliver the donations received.

​Attiva Co., Ltd.:

About Us
~ Our Four Core Values ~

​Our four axes of activity

Mainly in African countries and Japan,

We are active on four axes.


Job Creation

Nature Conservation

International Exchange

In a network of people in Africa, Japan, and the world

We will contribute to society.


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