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Our Story

Thoughts on the birth of TOFA

Our story begins in 2002 when Chihiro Tanaka and Paul met. Chihiro traveled to Serengeti National Park where she met Paul. He was a cook at the time, was a very serious and shy young man who was enthusiastic about his work.


At that time, Chihiro asked Paul, "What is your dream?" He replied, "I wanted to study more!" So then, Chihiro decided to help Paul with her friends for his school fees.


At the beginning, Paul became a professional cook, then saved money for education himself and qualified as a guide. Also, as a tour guide, he studied at the university so that he can properly answer various questions such as social problems and environmental problems and he was able to succeed as a professional tour guide. He deeply believed that everything he has now is based on being "educated" and wants to give Tanzanian children that opportunity and teach them to have dreams.


Chihiro, on the same time, wanted to give everyone the opportunity to have a healthy life by knowing wide world and wide selection of life. It is because that Japanese people and children often suffer from stress, struggle with life, and suffer from mental illness even though Japan is a rich country. 


TOFA began when the two, who have fostered friendship for 15 years, shared their visions and launched a project. The activity started in 2017 by taking Japanese people to Paul's hometown Nyanburi village.


Our Values

GIVE and TAKE: Our activities that receive
much more than give

At first glance, our activities, such as donating textbooks and building, repairing school buildings, are only thought "give". However in fact, we feel that we receive much more.

The curious eyes of children who have nothing materially, the heartfelt welcome and smiles heal our hearts and remind us of what is important.

When we touch the horizon that stretches as far as we can see 360 degrees, the setting sun that dyes the savanna, and the drama of life that has been repeated since ancient times, we will realize how small our worries are. And for some reason, the mind is purified and everyone becomes well.

We feel with all our hearts that the world is wide, there are many ways of life, and that all lives are small but irreplaceable, and we want to give this precious earth to the next generation in the best possible way.

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