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Opportunities for all children to learn and have dreams

1) Improvement of educational environment

  •   Maintenance of school buildings, school playgrounds, etc. and provision of educational supplies

  •   Collaboration with local NGOs and NPOs engaged in the educational environment

2) Education and awareness reform

  •   Providing learning opportunities for children

  •   Reform of educational awareness to the community

Job Creation

Create opportunities to work for a healthy life

1) Improvement of production technology

  •   Selection of products that lead to business

  •   Product quality improvement and production technology provision

2) Creation of employment opportunities

  •   Conduct vocational training for women

  •   Support for habituation of work and raising awareness


​​International Exchange

Expand your frame and talk about the future from a broad perspective

1) Cultural / educational exchange

  • Direct mutual exchange between Japan and Africa

  • Implementation of exchange study abroad, sister school tie-ups, exchange training, etc.

2) Business exchange

  •   Assistance and consulting for Japanese companies to expand into Africa

  • Introducing companies for business purposes and creating a place for interaction

Nature conservation

Protecting the earth and nature is protecting yourself

1) Wildlife protection

  • Reforming children's awareness of poaching

  • Raising Japanese awareness of issues

2) Plant protection

  • Natural environment protection activities such as tree planting

  • Fostering a mindset based on nature maintenance in both Africa and Japan

InternInternational Exchange
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